The Hoolala Circus

Hoolala Jewellery and Frippery designed and made in England.

For those who are about to…we salute you. @leftsidesuicide #hoolala #hoolalacharms #rock #harrislibrary #newyearstartshere
Sterling Silver Poison Dolly Charm Necklace from Hoolala
New Union Jack Charm Earrings destined for a Diamond Jubilee Summer Exhibition.
Little Dutch Souvenir Windmill Brooch
Tick Tock Miniature Brass Clock Charm Necklace from Hoolala
Hoolala 9 Carat Rolled Gold Victorian Poison Earrings


Untitled (Hello World) by Valentin Ruhry. It’s just a huge board with a lot of switches, but I would love to have it on my wall.

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Lucky Dice Charm Necklace from Hoolala


Needle felted celebrities by Felt Alive

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